C64.1 - Noël on silver In Shops Now
A538.1 castles and cattle on dark cream In Shops Now
A500.1 - Bee hive on dark cream In Shops Now
A526.1 - Swinging bunnies on cream In Shops Now
A441.3 All over rainbow on blue Available from August 2021
A553.1 Poppy & bee on light grey Available from August 2021
SM42.1 Whales on icy blue with pearl Available from September 2021
A560.1 Winters nap on dark cream Available from September 2021
A548.1 Book covers grey & black Available from October 2021
A543.1 Unicorn on pink with gold metallic Available from October 2021
A582.1 Peacock on cream with gold metallic Available from November 2021
A566.1 Matryoshka on cream Available from November 2021
A489.1 In Shops Now
A439.1 In Shops Now
A479.1 (silver metallic) In Shops Now
A423.1 - Teatime on cream In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
In Shops Now
C34.1 - Snow day on cream In Shops Now
A266.1 - Gennadi pebbles light blue with gold In Shops Now
GX5.3 - Mulii hexagon on black In Shops Now
A256.1 - Puffin rocks on pale blue In Shops Now
A285.3 - Bees on lavender In Shops Now
Inspired by ancient woodland and an adventurous hunt for fairy doors.

See tiny fairy houses nestled among the pretty snowdrops, cosy burrow homes to snuggle in when it’s cold outside, and splendid magical creatures in our …

Featuring our very own Lewis & Irene phrase and a collection of lovely crafty designs.

The soul is fed with needle and thread, and our fabrics are always …

A collection including glittering metallic elements.

The legend of the dream catcher from Native American cultures is all about filtering out the bad dreams and making sure just the good ones get through.

Inspired by the pretty hanging webs adorned with sacred feathers…

Inspired by a peaceful place in the depths of the countryside where you can hear nothing but birdsong and the breeze.

A home full of love and laughter shared with family and friends each year …

Captain Lewis welcomes you aboard his little fishing boat as he leaves the harbour in search of his catch of the day.

Fisherman’s knots and tasty fresh lobster all to be found …

A rich Autumnal collection including our hugely popular thistle design.

Join us for some fresh air as we take our four-legged friends on …

Fairies dance at the bottom of the garden near the hedgerow where tall dandelions float waiting for a wish to be made.

Close your eyes, blow it’s magic seeds gently into the breeze and …

One of the loveliest things for us about Summer is a picnic!

Packing up a basket full of yummy things and cycling off to the park for a lazy day of relaxing on the grass …

Our mermaids are having a ‘whale’ of a time under the sea with their friends!

Inspired by our fondness for the Narwhal and a happy afternoon sat at the wild Cape of Cornwall looking out to sea …

An exotic punch of colours featuring the elegant flamingo.

Burst into summer with a taste of the tropics …

Inspired by the numerous magical woods near our home and spending peaceful hours with our dogs walking through them.

As the woods wake up from their Winter sleep they are transformed by the most beautiful carpets of Bluebells. One of our favourite wildflowers …

Roll up! Roll up! The show is in town!

Conjuring up the excitement of the Big Top, the thrill of acrobats and the bright lights of a …

Inspired by a very fluffy and very special pet, our white bunny called Leo. A bunny who likes to snuggle up and have his ears tickled, occasionally falling sound asleep on your lap in bunny bliss.

He loves nothing more than a happy hop around our cottage garden and this Spring, much to his surprise, met a family of ducklings heading from their nest down towards the riverbank …

Inspired by the pretty Passion Flowers that floated on their vines around Lewis & Irene’s garden many years ago.

Evoking childhood memories of summer days and our passion for all things ‘outdoors’. The style is influenced by Victorian books of Botany …

Inspired by a dazzling festival of light where colourful lanterns twinkled like pretty jewels and silk pandas played in the lush green bamboo.

Also born from our love of animals especially the adorable Giant Panda and Red Panda …